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We also focus on building initiatives intended to enhance individuals lives globally as we work toward building a better world through efforts involving non-profit and NGO services.

Since we offer a range of technology solutions our options can be specifically customized for your organization. Operating worldwide, our team is ready to take on any challenges. Get in touch with us today to get started. 

Global Pioneers recently launched the Non-Profit Initiative (NPI). What is the NPI? Click here to find out more!


What do we do?  We specialize in building modern, fully responsive and optimized products that deliver the greatest value to our customers.

Find out more here. Our services include the following:

Web and application development

Security engineering

Big Data Operations


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We are always innovating, engineering, learning and pushing the boundaries of development. Have a project that you want to discuss with us? Feel free to reach out anytime. 


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NGO Services -Take Action

Ready to find out more about the services we offer including NGO focused operations? How about taking the next step and becoming an innovator yourself. Check out the Innovative Spotlight section to see fellow innovators throughout the world.

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