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Maintenance Operations

All Good Machines Need Maintenance.

Looking for maintenance? 

What is maintenance?

Think of your website or application as a machine. Just like every machine it needs regular maintenance to make sure that that it runs and functions optimally. Without sufficient maintenance your site may be vulnerable to security issues, bugs and display problems. These issues can include malware attacks, spam, slow page loading speeds and the risk of long term unreliability. Regular maintenance also serves as a proactive measure that allows you to spot problems early before they develop into something more severe. It also helps eliminate common bugs or errors to assist that your operation is running smoothly. 

Items that are included in our maintenance packages include:

  • Backing up your site
  • Site plugin updates
  • Bug fixes
  • Database maintenance
  • Performance monitoring
  • Anti spam measures
  • Staying updated on new technology practices
  • Optimization

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